Bath BID Award Champion

Sponsored By Bath BID

The Bath BID Awards are a new initiative for 2018 to highlight those organisations that are making a difference in their five areas of focus – Welcome, Smart, Safe, Clean and Prosperous. The winners of these categories will be announced at the Bath BID AGM in October and the Bath BID Award Champion will be crowned at the Bath Business Awards in November as the winner of winners.

Welcome: This category is for businesses that either put on an event that brings footfall to the city or those that use existing events to extend the experience of those that are visiting the city.

Smart: This category is for companies that use data and analysis most effectively to enhance their offer and business results.

Safe: This category is for businesses involved in the night-time economy and can demonstrate how their initiatives and collaboration helps city visitors and workers keep safe.

Clean: This category is for businesses that have made significant improvements in the management of their waste to the benefit of all.

Prosperous: This category is for any initiative that has led to a significant improvement in business results or has helped others achieve success.


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